New bathroom installation

New bathroom installation


Although this wasn’t a big job, we were involved in the planning of the project from the beginning and also kept in constant touch with the bathroom fitter, plumber and the tiler.

This meant that we was able to achieve exactly what the client had in mind.


We instructed the plumber to move the cold water supply to the opposite side of the bathroom as the client wanted the shower there, this meant that we also had to install new cabling from the shower isolator switch to the new location of the electric shower.




We installed all the cabling after speaking to the tiler and advising him where our cable insertion points were going to be so he could work around them, all of this mean’t that no cabling was visible from the shower or even from the mirror to supply the lights as all the cabling was passed through the walls.

The final look was…well just click the images below to see the difference, if you would like help or advice with your new bathroom or kitchen or any other electrical job don’t hesitate to contact us.