CCTV & Fire Alarm Installation

Not only do we carry out small jobs such as fixing electrical problems, adding additional sockets, lights, switches, we also specialize in supplying quality CCTV systems and also offer pristine installations.

Our CCTV systems suit your needs, whether you want 4 cameras or 6 or more, with an LCD screen or without, as well as DVR systems which record your video capture our systems can also stream on the internet so you can view your home or office Live from anywhere even on your iPhone!

Fire and Burglar alarms is also an area in which we offer great expertise, we have installed burlar alarms in areas of Leeds and Bradford with such efficiency that our customers keep calling and requesting for other jobs to be undertaken.


Trust and honesty if something you can’t buy, which is why our customers would never use another electrician again.


If you would like to get in touch you can do so from the contact page.